Here are some of my current and earlier works.

  • Yelp – Android Software Engineer
    • Generic Search Filters
    • Vertical Platform Search
    • Rich Search Suggest
    • Promoted Filters
  • Learning Track
    • A simple toy race car track that allows students to control it by answering questions like “What is 15 in binary?”.
  • HeOrShe
    • Simple game on the Android platform. Player decides if a picture of someone was born as a girl or not.
  • Everkinetic
    • Exercise Android app that shows users a database of exercises with animations of how to do the exercise.
  • President of Purdue chapter of ACM
  • Special Interest Group on Applied Computing(SIGAPP)
    • President & Vice President of SIGAPP
    • Trivia
    • Grade Calculator
    • Tank Universe
    • City Bus
  • Grade Calculator
  • Lawson Video Wall App
  • LSAMP Project
  • Samsung Electronics Internship
  • Autism Application
  • Programming Competitions
  • TouchDevelop
  • Loudout Technologies
  • Teaching
    • Android Seminars
    • Undergrad Teaching Assistant

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